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This is how Allfa's note pad system works.
If you are interested in a product from our range you can deposit it on a note pad. It is not necessary to be registered or logged as a client or interested party.

Click onto the Link on the product presentation page and list the products you require. By filling out the form* you can request all info on our products at the same time.

Click open the left side navigation „Note pad >> Ask for info <<“ and list the products to suit your requirements or change the quantities to suit your purposes. Fill in the form*, send it off and the whole process is over!

*As a customer you do not have to fill out the form below in the note pad system. Your customer number and e-mail address are enough to send us the enquiry.

You have not found an item?
If you have not found an item in our range send us an email with your enquiry or fill in the contact form.

Newsletter with special offers

Interested in latest info. or special offers?
Then subscribe to our Newsletter via the following regestration form.

Data service - CSV, Excel, Access

You are a local authority or a large industrial company needing our part nos for your order system?
We supply you all part nos in different formats:
CSV, Excel, Access etc.
Send an e-mail to admin@allfa-germany.de.

Catalogue CD-ROM 2021
All allfa Dübel products on CD-ROM from A - Z.

Ask for the CD-ROM catalogue free-of-charge. email or fax will suffice contact form. Literature will be sent by post or email attachment.


  MARATHON - Hammer drill in professional Quality

The new Hammer drill with centering point. Long live thanks to high quality steel. Spacious flutes allow easy - removal of dust and debris. Accurate spot drilling thanks to centering point, even on tiles. Little wear due to optimum shape of spiral.


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